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Nakhchivan/Naxcivan GUIDE

Nakhchivan is an exclave of Azerbaijan, which borders Turkey to the northwest, Armenia to the north and east, and Iran to the south.

Nakhchivan is separated from the rest of Azerbaijan by Armenia, with which Azerbaijan is still at war. The region is a major tourist destination due to cultural, historical and natural values.

The national language is Azeri, and Turkish, and Russian are widely understood.

The best way to get to Nakhchivan is to fly from Baku. AZAL operates 3 to 6 scheduled flights to Nakhchivan daily. From Nakhchivan you can also fly to Moscow with Samara airlines and Istanbul with Turkish Airlines.

Airfare prices are different for foreigners than those for Azeris.

If you are travelling by land, you can also cross to and from Iran at the Julfa border point, the city on the other side is Jolfa.

The exclave has a short border with Turkey in Sadarak region which allows an easy link to the city of Igdir. There are several busses per day starting from or passing through Igdir bus station (150 min pure driving time). Have in mind that the border is open for 24 hours

Momune Khatun (in the city), Gizlar Bulagi (near momune khatun), Asabi Kahf (sacrificial grounds, believed to be holy by locals), Prophet Noah’s grave and etc are places of interest.

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